Guaranty Policy

  • ☑ Before you make payment you have to right to check our product.
    ☑ We can give guarantee of our product not your treatment because we believe these matters are in Hand's of Allah.
    ☑ Check guarantee means never that you will check for some days while using product then you keep or return based on its results.
    ☑ Although we are selling raw form too but you should ask for Salajeet form before order.
    ☑ We have ready to use form of solid, semi solid & half liquid Salajeet Shilajit for Sale
    ☑ We purified traditional method that’s y are not giving any guarantee that it is having which mineral or vitamin in which percentages but we give guarantee that we don’t mix any thing in it.
    ☑ If you want Salajeet Shilajit for industrial or lap research requirements then you must check you’re self with modern methods.
    ☑ We use normal cooking oil to make its ingredient in sashet for semi solid form.
    ☑ You must ask or return same day of delivery if you may any clime.
    ☑ We will not able to accept in next day of delivery.
    ☑ We only accept payment in advance for out side of Pakistan. You may ask within in a week after delivery for any clam.