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Himalaya Karakorum Gilgit Baltistan Salajeet Shilajit is providing world best highest altitude areas Salajeet in different forms.Usage method may difference of each form of Salajeet buy Shilajit is effective all time in all form. You may order according to favourite form Salajeet which is best for you. You needed to purify raw shilajit before use which is collection of raw Salajeet, rocks, mud and other substance etc.

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Liquid form

Liquid form of Salajeet is best to use with any kind of drink & instant give output due to purest form. 

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Himalaya Karakorum product of  semi Solid form Salajeet for Sale

Semi Solid form 

Semi solid form of Gilgit Baltistan Himalaya Karakorum Salajeet Shilajit is most popular form now a days in market.

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Raw form of salajeet, bulk, salajeet stones, mountain, purified ,

Raw  form

Order Raw Salajeet to use traditional alternative medicine, homeopathy and pharmacy. You needed to purify before use.

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Himalaya Karakorum product of  Solid form Salajeet for Sale

Solid form 

After long heat up or dry in sun we can gain this form which is also one of best form to use anything 

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